I enjoy thinking. I enjoy living life to glorify God in everything I do. Gentleman, Scholar, and always ready for a challenge.

This job is fun!

So I haven’t written here in a while so I guess I’ll keep you up to date. The past few days have been full of getting my final project completed, along with getting other responsibilities out of the way. I started training at T-REX on Wednesday! It’s been a learning experience and has been really fun. I like my co-workers thus far, and love the environment. Kristin be a good trainer! Cool person to talk to as well so I’m glad to have met a new friend. 

Wednesday I learned to open register, use it, greetings/promotions, etc. I retained a lot of information but I still have questions in regards to the Disney discounts because man are there plenty of different eligible discount cards. Today I learned how to make the Stuffed Dinosaurs for kids! I actually made 4-5 dinosaurs today for the little kids and it was not as hard as I thought it would be. Kristin trained me once more, and Tygr helped me with some stuff. Was nice being around Kayla, Tygr, and Kristin at Build a Dino haha. 

Now today I work at the Dino Store like I did Wednesday and am going to be trained by a female named Z! Nick named Z I should say. It’s going to be her first time training so it’s going to be fun. I officially start on my own, no retail training, tomorrow! So I have to get everything down today. I’m excited. Especially excited for my paycheck ughhh. Have to treat myself to something nice with it for sure… 

The Final project is almost complete. I just need to learn how to set up a Remote Connection for MySQL so that we have a dedicated server for the database connection to the program. I’m excited for the end result, though I am nervous with how soon the deadline is. A little bit nervous I am! And then I have to study for Physics and Business Law. Can’t wait til next week is over with. 

I’ve officially stopped thinking about you in that sense a few days back. It’s just not worth it when you say we’ll be great friends and then fail to even converse with me. Goes to show how people really are, but hey, hope you stay away from trouble! And make sure you do the right things. I have hope that you’ll improve. Hopefully you do! If not, then well, hopefully you realize whatever it is bringing you down and make the necessary changes to continue moving forward. Yo tengo fe!

So yeah, can’t wait for the paycheck. Going to buy the right healthy food to boost my workout regimen and get results appropriately with the right protein intake in my body. Learned quite a bit about the dieting aspect so within a month or two I’ll be in tip top shape. 

Looking forward to everything! Thank you Lord because I wouldn’t be the man that I am now without you. I’m not perfect, but I keep on trying to do the right things and I pray that others may follow in your footsteps and that I may never go astray. 

Til next time

Love & Lust

They just don’t work well together. I wish people would see this instead of continuing to complain about their failed relationships or their constant feeling of loneliness. 

"When will I ever meet that person that will just take me off my feet and love me for who I am forever and for always?"

I don’t think I have ever been so angry with such an ideal before in my life. The way it usually goes is a female wanting a male companion which they can call their boyfriend. They meet someone and either:

a) Give in to lustful desires and perform some form of sex within a short time frame. They truly enjoy the sex and feel it’s the best they’ve had when comparing to previous sex partners and become physically attached to the male companion.

b) Give in to lustful desires and perform some form of sex within a short time frame. They do not enjoy the sex when comparing to previous sex partners, so they move on to other people and potentially lose someone that could’ve fit the whole good boyfriend criteria.

c) Give in to lustful desires and perform some form of sex within a short time frame. The male acquired what they always wanted and have successfully lured you in. Everything they had done to reel you in (pretending to be interested in you when in fact all it is they wanted was your body) was all a sham. They then continue to use you as an object of pleasure until you realize that’s what he’s doing or until they find someone else. In the end you mope around complaining that there isn’t a decent guy out there.

There’s so many more scenarios that I just don’t feel like mentioning because of how angry with society I am. It’s like damn, can I get a break? Can I find someone that won’t give in to lustful desires and genuinely express their love for me as I them in hopes of one day being married where we can then partake in sexual intercourse? As much as I want to remain hopeful I can’t help but just feel so hopeless in the situation. 

The best answer to the situation would be to find me a nice Christian girl, which would be fine and everything if I can actually find one that I am at least remotely attracted to. It’s pretty annoying because I’ve never felt this way before until I ‘dated’ you and now I just have this whole hatred against the idea like never before. It’s like, I just don’t want to give females chances at this rate. 

This is what will most likely end up happening. If a girl ends up falling for me and I for her and she’s ‘willing to change’ her bad ways in hopes of a marriageable relationship I will most likely at this rate decline you on the spot and implement as many tools possible to ensure that I lose interest in you. I just don’t want to be hurt again, because oh boy have I hurt these past few weeks. 

It’s truly annoying. “Oh he’s so cute!” “Oh he has such a big dick!” “Oh” this, “Oh” that, stfu. I say this with no offense given, because, when it comes down to it, it’s good for those guys that just want to use you, and ends up being bad for me since I often fall interested in chicks that are just, bad. 

One day Mike. One day she’ll make an appearance and you’ll live happily ever after with her. Until then you’re just going to have to deal with the bullshit.

Software Project

This project will NOT be completed before the deadline. Why did he wait to give this to us as our final project when some of the methodologies covered within it we have yet to learn. We have to learn on our own time and get it done. This is pretty funny. Going to be winging this.

Apr 12th, 2012

  • Jay: do you know how vacuum cleaners work
  • Jay: btw
  • Volume: yea
  • Volume: they make such a loud noise that
  • Volume: all the dust
  • Volume: wants to shut it up
  • Volume: so it floods into the container
  • Volume: and then all the other dusts
  • Volume: go
  • Volume: OH LOOK
  • Volume: so they join them
  • Volume: cos dusts are like people and like to flock to the same thing so that they feel like they are accepted
  • Jay: close
  • Jay: but that's not quite it

At this rate

I’ll definitely be where I want to be body wise within a month or two. I’ve lost so much body fat and gained so much muscle. It feels so good to have this motivation to stay fit and healthy. 

I think another bike ride is a go go for tomorrow.

Anywho, today was pretty awesome. Eureka Seven is an amazing show, and they did really well tying in a romance within an action flick. I didn’t get much work done today haha. Just spent the day chillin for the most part. Rode my bike to my Uncle’s place and it was great catching up. I ate a little too much though and my stomach hated me. I think it still does. Worked out, updated my Phone, and now the shower calls. 

Wolfmother, Regina Spektor, The Kooks, Machinae Supremacy, Yeah Yeah Yeahs kinda night. Til next time.



2 Weeks

of mental and physical exhaustion incoming. 

Things to get done:

- Software Development Project (Approx. 1000+ more lines of code) as well as linking a database to the software to enter/retrieve data. Create Unit tests to test the database queries. Work with a partner that will most likely procrastinate :(

- Study Physics. By Study Physics, I mean GET IT IN, all the way, maximum penetration. Really need to get on this as far as learning about Torque systems go. 

- Study Business Laws. I will kinda sorta get it in but not really. Bare minimum for this course.

- Forget about her in a romantic sense. Get used to the idea that she had her chance and she lost it. Move on Mike. Stop watching (500)Days of Summer or anything that reminds you of her.

That’s it. Homework, essays, everything else included. Really wish I can forget about her quickly though. Never in my life have I not moved on so quickly before.